Sunday, March 25, 2007

3 steps of collegiate racing

1. Bike Racing: Luke Winger (LMC), me (LMC) and Spencer Beamer (Furman/VMG) lapping the field in the Criterium at UGA.

2. Sleeping after bike racing: that is a sweet van you might say

3. anddd...eatting after sleeping after bike racing: this is actually after eatting too, but whatever. downing some ruut beer.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Donaldson Center RRs

Well saturday was sunny and warm in Greenville sc, and windy to the point of being rediculous. The wind made the race really hard. And a sweet pothole took out 4 of our guys, what bad luck is that! A break got off the front again just like last week and stuck til the end. I have to thank Dan and Rob for helping me through the last couple of laps and allowing me to be up there in the field sprint to finish 14th overall.

After the injuries throughout the team sent a couple teammates home, we were left with only three guys, and after Lucas flatted, only two to contest the finish. sunday was good weather, and still windy, but not nearly like the day before. Jason did an awesome job keeping me out of trouble and toward the front, he got me up into the top ten wheels for the sprint which i finished third in, but unfortunantely there was a break that stuck again, so I was 9th overall.

A pretty solid start to the season, I am very happy with how my Banner Elk form has worked out in these early races. The sprinting is coming around, if only there was a climbing race soon, ugh. Now I get to rest up and enjoy a few weekends of the collegiate scene.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Spring Series

Well, I finally got the racing legs going last weekend at the Greenville Training Series. Saturday went okay, I felt really good but the team still has some kinks to workout, but all in time. The field was all together with one lap to go, which lead to a crazy final lap. 8 guys got off the front and stayed away and everyone else contested the field sprint, where my teammate Justin Beard finished second, and I got sixth, putting us 10th and 14th overall. So a solid start to the season, the legs felt good, that's all that matters at this point. Sunday was cold and rainy, so I opted to stay home and sleep rather than partake.