Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Crenicichla tendybaguassu

Natural habitat (Rio Cuareim, Uruguay)



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Ola said...

Hello and thanks for a very interresting website. My namne is Ola Sjödin and I´m a aquarist from the north of Sweden that is very interrested in cichlids from Uruguay, especially the pikecichlids. I was in Uruguay with Felipe and Alessandro a couple of years ago on a fishcollecting trip and among other places we visited Rio Cuareim.
I am going back to Uruguay in January together with Felipe together with a group of swedish aquarists and I hope to catch some celidochilus, minuano and missionera plus my dreamfish - C. tendybaguassu. I have read that C. tendybaguassu feed primary on snails and Felipe says that they never catch them with normal angling equipment.
At your webpage I can see you holding live (?) specimens of the species so my question is how did you catch them? By swimming with snorkelling gear and a handnet, using fishtraps?
Best regards Ola Sjödin, Sweden