Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Variety pack

Above: Thuglife, we've been playing intramural basketball, currently #1 seed with 6-2 record. Unfortunately it gets pretty serious haha, but it's a lot of fun. We could probably give out actual basketball team a good run, literally.
Below: A chavito, the only way I survived Uruguay, it's their version of a cheeseburger. It has a strip of steak, a strip of ham, egg, bacon and cheese on it. Absolutely amazing! 
This was in downtown Montevideo, outside of a bank. This guard was just chilling with an assault rifle right out on the sidewalk. Pretty intense!
My little cousin, posing with one of my fish tanks. 
All those tiny specks are 20 dollar bills. 
The Burress family has been growing quite a bit.
Their papa.
Sweet seat! 
This is the 6th one of these I've broken on the mtb, none quite as significantly as this, I wasn't messing around I guess. Somehow, I managed not to crash and luckily I wasn't too far from school. I don't fully understand how the leather cover ripped so perfectly?
Annabelle, chillin' by the fireplace, she's the most cold-natured dog I've ever known.