Sunday, July 30, 2006

No Belgium

This decision was made about a week ago, but I am not going to make it to Belgium this year. I might do another post about it later.

Another Crash and back to NC

Well the criterium was pretty sweet. The pace was solid. and there was a "s" turn the people decided to crash in about every third lap. Eventually my ticket was up i suppose. With 9 laps to go, two guys crashed there, and i had to go to the outside and centered up the haybails stacked up against the barrier just past the corner. So luckily made it without any "on the ground" action, took a free lap, jumped back into the action and that same lap ended up bridging to a 4 man break. I am sure the officials were stoked to see that haha. So, the break ended up being 9 guys with 7 laps to go, and almost functioned but not quite and we got caught with 3 laps to go.

Overall the race was cool, but my luck was anything but helpful, but i will be back next year for sure and have another go at it.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

a Crash and a Snowball

Well i started out my ventue in Altoona PA with a nice little crash. The whole circuit race was out on country roads, but came into town and through a residential area to finish, with six 90 degree corners in the last km. It had been raining slightly, just enough to make the roads wet. So everyone battled it out over the 5 km before town for the top 15 wheels, I take the first corner about 10th wheel, make it through the second in the same position but not without some thrown elbows to keep it, and third corner, maybe 400m to the line, the guy in front of me slides out, and i just watch him, making sure i get through inside if him, and BAM i slide out just the same, come to a stop and look back to make sure no one is going to hit me, they don't. and I remount and ride in an amazing 1:41 down in only 400m. I grinded my hip pretty good, and just a little on my arm, knee and hand. but the nights sleep was difficult and today that crash sort of snowballed into a bad stage 2. I had good position when we hit the first climb up to Blue Knob ski resort, about 26 miles in. the climb wasn't too bad really, but stair stepped the whole way, and the steep parts were steep, and I drifted out of my top 15 wheels slowly to the back of what was already a 30 man lead group after the first 2km of the climb, and my hip didnt really hurt, but apparently i was compensating for it somewhat with my left leg, because my lower back got super tight and my power output went to crap and I didn't make it over the first climb with the leaders and rode the rest of the race in what was the third group, of 11 guys. Not a good day to say the least, seeing as i had winning this one in the back of my mind when i drove up here. It came down to a sprint from 20 guys, thats almost ideal for me. So that makes it even more dissapointing, and now i am not really looking forward to tomorrows criterium, because i don't think these people know how to ride there bike much less race through downtown, oh well.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Tour de Toona Points Race

Well I am heading up to PA tomorrow for the cat2 points race. Wish me luck and I will try and do updates from each stage.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

FBCC Criterium

Well a good weekend came together today. I had great legs, nothing hurt, I always had more if I needed it. I desperately wanted a field sprint, but it was too much to control, and the teams weren't strong enough. Thad Dulin (Nerac) had a nice ride and lapped the field, assuring the win. While Darby Harris (Hearns) and Brandon McKeever (Hincapie Bianchi) got away with two other riders late in the race and stayed away. Sooo, I got the field sprint I wanted, too bad it wasn't for the win, but I won it and wrapped up 6th place. I was happy with that, I mean I really wanted to win one of the FBCC races this year, but I am still pleased with the weekend. My first Pro Am win is not far away...

Saturday, July 22, 2006

FBCC Road Race

81.5 Miles, 11 laps, mostly flat and fast with two climbs. A three man break got clear early and built up a solid lead of 2:00, but that fluctuated down to a minute on a few occaisons when the field really hit the climb solidly. The pace wasn't too bad but it was hot out and that slowly wore on everyone, and late in the race a couple of singe riders and a group of two bridged to the break which was sitting only 1:00 off the front of the pack. As far as I know there were seven riders in front at that point, with 3 laps to go. The pace was solid on the smaller of the two climbs and there were a few attacks on the gradual downhill off the backside and I was sitting second wheel going through a right hand turn as we switched roads, and this was where the riders crept off in the previous laps, so I attacked out of the corner, got a gap and put my head down, its kind of rolling and curvy but very fast. I managed to get out of sight and could actually see the lead group pretty quickly. I made it within 0:25 of the break and looked back and saw four more riders coming, so I eased off and we quickly caught the group on the next lap, putting 12 riders in the lead. Just inside of one lap to go, 3 more riders bridged across including Justin England, so that more or less assured that we wouldn't get caught. The pace wasn't too bad the last time up the final climb, no one attacked, so a 14 man sprint. Justin attacked with 800m to go and everyone covered that, and maybe 450m to go I countered, got a slight gap, sat down and put my head down and ramped it up with all I had and BAM the legs locked up almost immediately with cramps. I had to stop pedalling almost immediately and unclip and dangle my legs toward the ground. Kind of unfortunante, but thats racing. I don't think I should have made that move anyway, I should have been confident enough in my sprint to be patient and wait for that. I liked the course, I ride those roads a lot. Again, I miss the priveledge of teammates like I have in the collegiate races. But overall, I was happy that I got myself into the winning situation, even if coasting across the finish line in 14th is quite far from what I had in mind. Tomorrow is another day and another race, and the legs are good, so we'll see what happens.

Friday, July 21, 2006

FBCC Time Trial

20km Time Trial: flat, fast, out and back course, ever so slightly uphill going out, with just a touch of wind. It was really very nice conditions that were condusive to fast times. I did a PR of 26:43, which slotted me 14th in the Pro12 field. I am pleased with the time, which was 37 seconds faster than last year. It's just a confidence factor more or less, because I am much more interested in tomorrows Road Race and sundays Criterium. My Lee's McRae College teammate, Preston Anderson smashed the course in 27:12, claiming 6th in the Cat3 field.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

my lovely sarah

Well I couldn't update without throwing in a picture and Sarah is gone to Europe for a few weeks and I miss her! So I figured this one was perfect.

Keep checking back for some race reports, hopefully the good kind

French Broad Cycling Classic

well, it's that time of year...this is the asheville omnium, and the locals usually like to hold down the fort and I am no different.

All the courses are flat this year, a little too flat but it's that way for everyone and everyone says they can climb so it really doesn't matter, and the same people say they can sprint (hmm...i think i say that?). I'd say a field sprint in the road race is likely or a suicide early break, but we'll see what happens, that part of the world can serve up some stiff wind so who knows?

I'll try and do reports for each day. and hopefully get some pics up as well.

Monday, July 10, 2006


Well the World Cup wrapped up yesterday. It was a interesting game, both goals in the first 19 minutes, then nothing else through regulation and both overtimes. I have to say I was pulling for the US haha but apparently we are all talk and no walk. And past that I was pulling for Germany. But given the finals I was pulling for Italia, the cyclist in me could not allow me to pull for France. I am glad Italy won, but I have to say France dominated the game as far as possession and shots on goal. And I consider myself a Zidane fan but I mean his "head butt" manuveur falls slightly outside of what I call classy or professional. Despite his actions being unsportsmanlike and uncalled for, you have to admit it was pretty impressive, I mean he levelled the Italian guy completely. PKs in the World Cup was pretty exciting and I am glad that sorted it out, because sudden death would have taken forever because everyone was pretty much dead. But anyway, congrats to Italy, as well as Germany for winning the consolation game.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Downtown Lenoir Criterium

Well I finally got back into the groove today and raced my bike for the first time in....umm three weeks. Thats quite a long break in competition and I felt it slightly, feeling a little "off" in my technical cornering, etc. but the legs felt solid, and I felt fresh. There was solid money up for grabs, so some pros show up, a few AEG guys, a Toyota United guy, and a few Nerac riders, and a Successful Living guy, plus all the normal regional fast dudes. So I tryed to get into the break that I knew would go early with all those guys in it. But the unfortunante reality is without teammates, I can't be everywhere at once. So I covered the move right before the one that stuck, and missed it. Seven guys rolled off, and lapped the field. In that chaotic mess, three of those guys got off the front again along with four new riders, basically putting 11 riders up the road. Long story short, I conserved well and won the field sprint for 12th comfortably, which put me nicely into the money. Overall I was happy with how things went, but the race does make me appreciate the awesome teammates I have in the collegiate races in the spring. Sorry no pics from the race, I'll work on getting some up soon.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

They Might Be Rockstars?

this is my new favorite summer pic.

while i am on this update topic, finally a race on the horizon. i am doing a criterium in Lenoir saturday, so I'll do a post after that. til next time,