Monday, July 10, 2006


Well the World Cup wrapped up yesterday. It was a interesting game, both goals in the first 19 minutes, then nothing else through regulation and both overtimes. I have to say I was pulling for the US haha but apparently we are all talk and no walk. And past that I was pulling for Germany. But given the finals I was pulling for Italia, the cyclist in me could not allow me to pull for France. I am glad Italy won, but I have to say France dominated the game as far as possession and shots on goal. And I consider myself a Zidane fan but I mean his "head butt" manuveur falls slightly outside of what I call classy or professional. Despite his actions being unsportsmanlike and uncalled for, you have to admit it was pretty impressive, I mean he levelled the Italian guy completely. PKs in the World Cup was pretty exciting and I am glad that sorted it out, because sudden death would have taken forever because everyone was pretty much dead. But anyway, congrats to Italy, as well as Germany for winning the consolation game.

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Lampshade said...

You are slacking. It is time for an update!