Friday, May 19, 2006

Lee's McRae Criterium

As my first real post, I'll go back a month or so to our Criterium on our campus here at LMC. It was epic day, cold and rainy. Our home race is always a major goal for us, mainly because it's almost a matter of pride to hold-down-the-fort, so to speak. The race started off nice and fast but everyone was open from the ttt in the morning so everything was shut down. But you could tell when everyones legs started to fade, it was like night and day at abou t the 40 minute mark. A break went with our captain Brent Bookwalter and two other guys. Then the race blew apart and two other LMC riders got away in a group of four. Keeping with the trend of attacks, my teammate Carson Worts lit it up on the climb and got a nice gap. Everyone was truly hurting now, and on the next lap I jumped along with Brandon McKeever of App State, we caught Carson who was unable to follow and over the course of about two laps we bridged to the second group. The per his usual style, Scott "Action" Jackson bridged solo to join us. We had the power but lacked the time to bring back the two riders caught in between us and the flying Brent. Jackson gave me a awesome leadout and I was able to wrap up fourth in the sprint. Teammate Wes Shirey rounded out the top 5, making a true LMC domination at our home event.

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