Saturday, August 12, 2006

Eds Movie Review: Talladega Nights

Well Stu wanted it, so here it is: my review of ricky bobby. The instant the quote "i am all jacked up on mountain dew" hit my ears I loved this movie and it is the best movie my eyes have ever caught in their reflection. Well not quite but still, it was kicking and I highly recommend it to everyone. It's defenitly stacked with one liners, so I think a few viewings are in order to totally embrace the retardness of the movie that the guys on the LMC cycling team will likely over- embrace on every ride for the next 4 months.


Clara said...

perfect synopsis. I better go see it so i'm not left in the dark when everyone quotes it.

Lampshade said...

Wow! What a review. You are right on with the review. I will definitely hit you up when I get to the B.E.

Went said...

fuckin siskel and Ebart shit up in here!