Thursday, May 10, 2007

Eve of TTT

another day in kansas in the books. early this morning we indulged in some continental breakfast, then the mens and womens TTT teams piled into the bus and drove the course. Then we came back to the hotel and got dressed, drove back to the course and rode it twice. we did two ten minute efforts with the team, rotating at 80%. Then we did two 4 minute max cadence efforts to get the legs good and open. I feel pretty good, and the team looks solid. we should have a good ride.

we then ate at chipotle, aka i walked to subway haha. and then we went to the host hotel and took care of registration, which went very smoothly and fast for such an event. i was impressed. and while we were there i got interviewed by channel 6 news which was kind of cool, it airs tonight so i'll get to see how pro and diplomatic i can pretend to be. still no fotos but i am working on it.

over and out

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