Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Hike at Wilson Creek for Appalachian Ecology

Little Lost Cove Creek. "Hunt Fish Falls" and following swimming hole. 
The local "hot spot" for chillin' purposes for all the teenage Osteichthyes fishes. 
The most natural sauna I have ever seen. If only the water was 105 degrees instead of 50. Ohh well, maybe next time. I am sure at some point during the summer it gets close to 60.
I took this one for Sarah, of some sp. of Lepidoptera
The water is amazingly clear all along Little Lost Cove creek.
"Hunt Fish Falls"
More pictures to follow,



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Carson said...

ummm so is that a snake in the water hole that you supposedly want to take me and kathryn to? cuz i dont really like to swim in the same water snakes swim in. lol