Sunday, July 06, 2008

Graduate Research on how this guys brain works?

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So I am applying to Graduate school, or will be soon. After a stint in Psychology at Lees McRae I have decided to go into a Biology program. It's sort of strange having to decide what to do research on, research that will last the next 6-7 years of my life haha. But it is also exciting at the same time. I want to go into animal behavior research, so maybe fish? I am not sure, but probably. They were the first vertebrates on our planet so surely they are interesting enough haha. In December I am going to Uruguay to collect some wild fish to use for my research next year when I start in a grad program. I have a particular destination of preference but I suppose I will withhold that until it is a done deal. I mainly want to research species recognition, mate selection, and maybe some genetic work on species boundaries. All with South American fishes,of the genera Geophagus and Gymnogeophagus. But, long run I am fairly settled on being a professor. The next step is the GRE so we'll see how that goes, and go from there.


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Katie said...

Wow thats a plan, sounds like a good one. I need one of those....