Sunday, September 07, 2008

Just some pics of what's been going on

In Ecology, we've been working on a project down at the Field Station (pictured above). My plot of land is about a kilometer up the side of the mountain. We have to identify the trees, plants, flowers, birds, invertebrates, salamanders, etc. that are within our 50 x 50m plot. So here are some pictures of the initial sampling.
Lots of Brook Crayfish walking around in the creek. Most were just 2cm, but the one pictured above was a beast, 5cm.

So far, we have Seal Salamander, Black Bellied Salamander and Mountain Dusky Salamander.

And here is me back at home hiking with my sidekick Annabelle and my little niece Bailey. 

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ericmack said...

boy, those photos bring me back to the good ol days when we were little and that's all we wanted to do was to catch those