Saturday, November 08, 2008

Bird Watching

We spotted these White-tailed deer while in route, I shot this picture out of the window in my truck.
The sunset at Valle Crucis Park.
The park has a nice pond with mudbanks and cattails which makes a great habitat for migrating and wintering shore birds. 
We spooked these Red Winged Blackbirds out of the corn field and into these Black Cherry trees, the flock was 75-100 birds. 
Red Shouldered Hawk, also seen in route, picture was taken through the window of my truck.
This little guy was the highlight of the trip, a Wilson's Snipe, not common but they do winter here. He was probably 50m away, this picture was zoomed in 15x on my camera and then cropped extensively to get this poor quality shot. You couldn't see him with the naked eye but I spotted him through the binoculars. I was mesmerized by him for at least 20 minutes haha. 
We saw quite a few species, but taking even poor quality shots is difficult, thus the relative few pictures I came away with. Valle Crucis Park is actually a great place to go bird watching, if you're into that sort of thing, collectively we've seen over 40 species there in Ornithology lab. 

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