Sunday, May 28, 2006

Soto Memorial Stage Race: stage 3

Circuit Race: 55 miles

Well what a day. Started off like any other hot race. Then the rain started, then the lightening started, then the thunder started, then the sleet started. Long story short, the race was neutralized with 20 miles to go, and we got to go home early. After all the results, points and GC were posted last night, I sat 3rd in the points competition, and 22nd on GC. So before all the excitment in todays stage, we did two bonus sprints, both of which will still be scored. I took 3rd in the first, moving me into second in that competition. Then it was pouring for the second one and I didn't get myself into position to contest it, and I don't really know who took the 3 placings in that one. SO, the anxiety causing situation...the leader on GC, also leads the points competition. So, theoretically I could be sitting 2nd in the points comp depending largely on how the second sprint sorted out. Which would mean the green jersey would default to me for tomorrows stage, how fat would that be! I guess I'll find all that out later tonight or in the morning. Maybe I'll be decked out in a leaders jersey for tomorrow. Cross your fingers for me.

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