Monday, May 29, 2006

Soto Memorial Stage Race: stage 4

Yeah, so I figured if I can't win and get on the podium that way, I would make my own podium and pimp my way onto it.

Well, stage 4 was brutal, again in the mid 90s. The course was a rolling 77 miles that ended on a 3.5 mile climb. I felt really good on the loop and stayed out of trouble, but didn't get any points in either of the days two sprints. But it seemed like every time the pace was high or there was a cross wind, I would end up in the top 10 wheels, so I decided to stay conservative and take my chances on the days final climb. Turned out to be a bad decision. We hit the base 2:30 behind a five man break, I hung in well until there was a lead group of 6. Then, they started attacking each other about half way up and I was the first to fall off the pace and then quickly ran out of gas after I was riding by myself. A good number of people caught me and I ended up finishing just outside of the top 20. Defenitly a little dissapointing considering this should have been my day to rip it up. I ended up 25th on GC and 5th in the points competition. I am happy with how everything went all-in-all. I defenitly learned a lot, and got to experience some new situations in my first stage race. Hopefully all the hills this week will help get the climbing legs rolling finally.

Until next time it's all rest for me, I think the state championships road race is next weekend, then the road race in Dahlonega which has been one of my objectives since I got 6th there last. year.

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Went said...

so your a fucking good job ed. why no cane creek stuff?