Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Well not much has went down since my last post. Big weekend coming up for me his weekend down in Dahlonega Ga. Probably my favorite races of the year, and I faired pretty well there last year, so hopefully i can build on that this year. The courses are tough, theres an uphill time trial saturday morning, Blood Mountain I think, it's not bad, advertised as 7 percent but it might be slightly less than that I am not sure. It's 7 km long I think, so all in all it's not difficult, and should serve as a good opener for the evenings road race. Then sunday is the big one, 143 km and a loop that contains 3 solid climbs, the first is about 5 miles long, the second is only about 2 but last year I found it the most difficult because it's steeper than the others, and the third is only about a mile but has some brutal rolling false flat for quite a ways after it. We do this lap twice, so it's hard, and theres a lot of attrition through the mid-way and end. Most likely a group of 4-6 will come to the line and have to sprint it out. Hopefull I can make that selection and then have some snap left for the end.

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