Tuesday, May 15, 2007


well. the road race went like this: flatted on 1.5 mile gravel sector first thing. got a wheel, in the pack, no biggie. Felt good, entered the feedzone 8th wheel, got a feed, while my hand was still off my bar someone tapped my front wheel, i over corrected and crashed, landed on my bike and a few guys piled ontop of me. got the wind knocked out of me, some bruising on my chest and back, nothing much. bent my frame, broke my front shifter. dnf.

yesterday i went and talked to a doctor cause my chest was giving me some trouble. word is i crushed some of the cartilidge that connects my ribs to my sternum. GREAT. but not much i can do other than load up on ibprofen and rest, it's supposed to hurt for three weeks. bummer. so i have some uninvited restdays coming up, but shouldn't affect any races, since i wasn't scheduled to race this weekend anyway. and i still plan on lining up at the Soto Memorial stage race May 25-28.

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