Friday, May 11, 2007

Team Time Trial

the first event of collegiate nationals is in the books. it was mildly successful. one of our girls flatted at about the halfway point which is terrible luck, but they rode well to seventh place in DI.

by the time the guys lined up it was super hot. our team hadn't done much training together prior to the last few days but we worked pretty well together we just didn't go fast enough, we rode the hills pretty well but on the final five miles of flat we were struggling. when we finished we had the third best time posting 24:50, but fell to 13th by the end of the day. I was the only returner from last years national championship team and i think i should of been able to carry more of the weight on my shoulders this year but it was a good learning experience and something to build off of since we'll have all four guys back next year. ttt life is a little harder when you don't have Bookwalter buring it at 32 for extended periods of time. we're sitting 8th overall in the team omnium right now, not where we wanted, but out best events are to come, so we'll take another look after tomorrows road race.

we'll be back next year to contest for the win.

the road race is going to be super dynamic. part of the course is flooded so they are re-routing us across 1.5 miles of gravel. it is going to be crazy, that section is just after the 1.25 mile dam we have to ride across, with only a nice hill inbetween them. that section will make the race.

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Brent Bookwalter said...

nice workd dudes. wish i coulda been there.

solid interview too! are those my sunglasses?