Thursday, October 23, 2008

variety pack

In Ecology, we put out 19 rodent traps on our plot. We snagged this little dude, a Red Backed Vole, he is about the size (and shape) of a golf ball. 
He's a little shy for his photo shoot... how is it possible to be that round?
Personally, I was scared of the little guy but Michelle picked him up for a good head shot. He was tame, I am not sure whether it was due to his natural disposition or just the fact that he was really cold from a long night in a tin box. 

A shot of the sunrise on our plot for Ecology. 
This Garter Snake was trying to bask in the sun on a 50 degree day, not too productive. I am glad I am not an Ectotherm. 
Annabelle came to BE for a few days and stayed with me and dub in the dorm room. Luckily she's like a little SS soldier, so no one was ever the wiser. 
C-dub and belle chillin in the room.

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Swamp Thing said...

Love the blog Ed. Reminds me of my 5 years in Blacksburg & 2 years in Boone! My in-laws are in Caldwell County so most of our NC hikes anymore are from Morganton to Asheville...