Monday, November 03, 2008

recent happenings

You'd have to go back quite a way to find a cycling related post, but here are some updates. 
I got a new handlebar, Bontrager Race X lite riser. I had to cut my old grips off, and per Michelle's suggestion I went with the pink bar tape. It clashes pretty badly but I sorta dig it. I started base training November 1, so I'm three days in and it feels really good to be back into a routine and back to "training" instead of just riding. I am sure i'll have more updates to follow.
Contemplating studying is a nice way to pass some time around the dorm. In Ornithology we're covering the bird skeleton and feathers... tough stuff. 
My Geophagus sp. "tapajós orange head" finally had babies again, that's $400 worth of infant fishes swimming around in there. I haven't been able to raise any yet but this batch seems to be doing very well so far. As far as I could count, there are about 30 of them, approx. 2 weeks old. 

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