Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Tuesday Group Ride

Ha I hit this at a county line sprint on the tuesday group ride yesterday. Joey Coddington led me out and I got a nice spring off of him. On the ride last week I did 1376, so the 14's are going down soon I hope. We averaged 237 watts for the ride, thats solid but its just about an hour and a half long. Theres also a sprint at the top of the "dump hill" which is like 2 km long at 4 percent. Last week, me and Mike Small dropped everyone only for Justin England to come flying by us in the last 50m, so I learned from that and stayed back with Justin this week, he said he rides comfortably to the middle section where it levels off then rails it to the top. So we get there maybe 15-17 seconds down on the guys that went from the bottom. Justin ramps it up, Joey is on his wheels, and I am on Joeys, as it kicks back up for the last 250m, Joey swing off and I scramble up to Justins wheel. As we are flying by the last couple of guys who are cussing and mumbling stuff, I start to slide off justins wheel and crest the top maybe 10m off. It was a weird feeling, like I thought about trying to sprint and felt like I could do it, but at the same time, I was losing the wheel, but regardless I was happy with the interval. I can't believe we can cruise to half way then kill it and catch everyone that guns it from the bottom.

This week has been awesome as far as riding goes, and after four days of racing this weekend I should be in top condition for the State Championships and the Georgia Cup weekend in Dahlonega. Then I should be able to rest some more and prepare for U23 nats.

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